10 People Who Encountered A Serial Killer And Miraculously Survived


The scariest thing about a serial killer is that they could be anybody. They look just like us, but they have no empathy, no conscience and leave a massive path of destruction in their wake. Generally speaking, if you run into a serial killer, that’s it for you. But there are a few people that manage to escape, like the 10 lucky survivors in this list.

#10 Maria Viricheva

This Russian woman had her encounter with a serial killer while she was working as a saleswoman at the age of 19. She was also pregnant, which made killer Alexander Pichushkin (known as the “Chessboard Killer”) think she would be an easy target. After a fight with her boyfriend, she was depressed and sitting in a metro station and Pichushkin decided to go talk with her. After agreeing to go with him to earn some extra money, he threw her into a well over 30 feet deep full of sewage. Thankfully, she was able to save herself from drowning and eventually escaped.

#9 Whitney Bennett

The Night Stalker (Richard Ramirez) was a killer who thrived on sneaking into the homes of women and attacking them while they slept. Unfortunately, Bennett left her window open one night, which was seen as an invitation in by Ramirez. He went inside and brutally beat her, strangled her and took her belongings. However, she was only unconscious, and her testimony would later be crucial in getting him thrown behind bars, where he was eventually executed.

#8 Rhonda Williams

Dean Corll was one of the most infamous serial killers of all time, and after 40 years of waiting, victim Rhonda Williams decided to tell her story. She had actually befriended a boy that would turn out to be Corll’s accomplice. She realized this when she woke up after a night of partying, tied up with ropes. But for some reason, the accomplice who had lured a dozen people to Corll in the past turned the gun away from Williams and to Corll instead, killing him in a moment of clarity.

#7 Teresa Thornhill

Robert Black was a pedophile and child killer in Scotland, and Thornhill is one of his only known survivors. At the age of 15, she caught the eye of Black as she was walking home. When she walked by, he grabbed her and pulled her into his van. Thankfully, she bit his arm and began to scream, which caused him to drop her as a friend came to her aid. Black ultimately ran away. Who knows what would have happened if he had gotten her in that van.

#6 Tali Shapiro

This 11-year old girl didn’t like to ride the bus to school and decided it was better for her to walk. But on one day serial killer Rodney Alcala drove up to her and asked if she wanted a ride. She said she couldn’t speak to strangers, but he assured he knew her family. That is the last thing that she remembers. Police later burst into Alcala’s home and found Shapiro on the floor, near death.

#5 Rose Steward

During a regular night in her home in 1984, Steward was awoken to a knife on her neck from infamous serial killer Dean Carter. Over the next few hours she was repeatedly beaten and sexually assaulted. The only reason she was spared is because she pretended to “like” Carter, who decided to let her live.  After he left she went to a neighbor to get some help.

The next entry is the first male to appear on our list.

#4 Bryan Hartnell

One day, Hartnell decided to drive to a scenic spot with his girlfriend to enjoy a nice afternoon. However the man who was famously known as the Zodiac Killer had a different idea for the two of them. The Zodiac Killer took them from the car at gunpoint and forced them to the ground where he stabbed them repeatedly. Hartnell survived the attack but his girlfriend was not so lucky. She later passed away from her wounds.

#3 Corazon Atienza

When this woman entered her apartment she unwillingly let in serial killer Richard Speck. That night Speck would make life hell for Atienza and her roomies. He tied up the roommates and proceeded to attack, beat and mutilate them, while Atienza lay hiding under a bed. After killing her roomies, the drunk Speck must have forgotten about her and left her there.  Her testimony helped put him away.

The next person on the list is actually a fairly famous individual.

#2 Larry Flynt

Flynt is a man who is best known as the publisher of Hustler magazine and the man behind a large business empire. He was nearly assassinated by Joseph Paul Franklin in an attack that left Flynt paralyzed. Franklin was a KKK member and Flynt’s lifestyle and work went directly against his beliefs, which is why he attacked him. However what isn’t widely known is that Franklin was actually a serial killer who had murdered several other individuals.

#1 Rebecca Garde

After a long shift at her job as a telemarketer in Seattle, Garde decided she didn’t want to walk home like she usually did. She elected to hitchhike and was picked up by a man who was later convicted of murdering nearly 50 women. She offered him sex for extra money and while she was first a bit scared to do so, he made her feel better about it and the two went to the woods for more privacy. But when they got there, he began to attack her. Thankfully, she was able to fight him off and run for help, which led him to flee the scene.