15 Things You Need to Know About Mark Cuban And His Billions


What was Mark Cuban’s first business venture? At twelve, he sold garbage bags to buy a pair of basketball shoes. From a working-class family, Cuban has worked his way up to businessman and investor, author, television personality, philanthropist – and billionaire.  Take a look at what it’s like to be walking in the shoes of this icon….

1)  He Has a Yacht With a Basketball Court

Probably one of the coolest perks of Cuban’s billionaire lifestyle is his yacht. All billionaires are expected to have one … but does every billionaire have a yacht with a basketball court built in? Probably not. Cuban does!!!


2) He Owns the Dallas Mavericks

Cuban, an avid basketball fan, completely rebuilt the Mavericks’ management, among other aspects, when he bought the team in 2000. At the time, the franchise was foundering. By 2011, the Mavericks had won the NBA title.


3) He Has Private Jets …

Notice the plural “s” on the end there. Cuban bought both his private jets for a lot of money, but says that they are a business necessity: one jet, his Boeing 757, is used to transport the Mavericks, while his Boeing 767 helps him spend time with his family and wife amidst the busy business lifestyle.


4) … And A Mansion

Preston Hollow Mansion, home to Cuban’s family, is 24,000 square feet on seven acres. It has ten bedrooms and three bathrooms. His family’s neighbors include former U.S. President George W. Bush, Ross Perot the technology billionaire, Mary Kay founder Mary Kay Ash, and a smorgasbord of pro athletes.


5) He Founded the Fallen Patriot Fund

In 2003, Cuban started this program for financial assistance to families of U.S. soldiers killed or critically injured during Operation Iraqi Freedom. It has donated over $5 million in grants. Cuban has also donated to educational charities and medical research.


6) He Owns Film Production Companies

Cuban owns the production companies Magnolia Pictures and 2929 Entertainment. Some popular films include Akeelah and the BeeEnron: The Smartest Guys In The RoomGoodnight and Goodluck, and others. Additionally, Cuban owns Landmark Theaters.


7) He Made a Cameo Appearance in a Rap Video

Just to outdo himself, Cuban appeared briefly in a 2015 music video by rapper Lil Dicky. Lil Dicky appears to be a fan of using multiple sports personalities in his often-comedic videos, including Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.


8) He Was Called Back for Twister

While acting didn’t ultimately become Cuban’s bag, Cuban did audition and get called back for 1996’s hit movie Twister, for the role of Dusy, eventually given to Philip Seymour Hoffman.


9) He Acted In a Real Movie

Cuban played the President in Sharknado 3, which premiered only on the SyFy network. It did fairly well in its viewing time-slot, but same-time reruns for Family Guy and The Big Bang Theory rated a little higher …


10) He Holds A Guinness World Record

For the largest single e-commerce transaction! This was made in 1999, right after Cuban’s wealth skyrocketed from selling his company broadcast.com to Yahoo for $5.7 billion. With a single click, Cuban bought the Boeing he uses to transport the Mavericks – for $40 million.


11) The Benefactor

Cuban is already known in the reality TV realm for his work on the show Shark Tank, but in 2004, he briefly had his own reality show. Somewhat comparable to The Apprentice, Cuban’s show, The Benefactor, ran for one season.


12) His Big Mouth Has Cost him NBA Fines

Lots of people make comments about referees that aren’t the kindest, but when you’re Mark Cuban, the recipients of those comments can win a lot of money from you. He lost $500,000 to NBA ref Ed Rush for remarking on Shark Tank that he wouldn’t hire Rush to manage a Dairy Queen.


13) Was On Dancing With The Stars

Between The Benefactor and Shark Tank, Cuban appeared on Dancing With The Stars. He did great – not the least because he actually worked as a disco dance teacher party host during his college years in the 1970s!


14) Doesn’t Spoil His Kids

Cuban has said he stays up nights worrying that his kids will have grown up spoiled. Cuban purposefully doesn’t employ maids or butlers, and plans to have his children work hard to make their own way.


15) Is A Family Man

After dating Tiffany Stewart for five years, Cuban married her in 2002. They met before he was a billionaire, in 1997, working out at the gym. They both want their three children to know which responsibilities come with great wealth, and to avoid the kids growing up to be “entitled jerks” (in Cuban’s own words).