28 Fascinating Things You May Not Know About Tom Brady

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Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. is one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL. Legions of fans have followed his every move on the field during his long and storied career. Here are some things you may not know about this amazing stud of an athlete. Click ‘Next’ to see some of the most unbelievable facts about Tom Brady…

1. He Was a Star Early On



Brady was a star at athletics from an early age. He turned his attention to baseball first. He was clearly someone who was obviously gifted athletically. 

2. The Montreal Expos Wanted Him



Right out of of high school, he was drafted by the Montreal Expos. Fortunately for football fans, he decided to turn them down and go play football in Michigan. Baseball fans may choose to disagree with his assessment, always wondering how the sport might have been different with Brady in it.

3. Even Stars Have Blind Dates



Believe it or not, even stars go on blind dates. This is how Brady met his wife Gisele Bundchen. The world’s richest supermodel fell for Brady quickly, describing it as love as first sight years later when they married. Together, they’ve been happily married with children.

4. Dr. Dre Bought His House

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Yes, that Dr. Dre.  Brady and his wife sold their 18,000 square foot mansion in Southern California to Dr. Dre. The South California mansion came complete with moat, seven fireplaces and a six car garage. They bought it for about twelve million so the forty million Dre paid was a nice hefty profit for them. 

5. He Wasn’t a High School Football Star



Although selected for his high school football team, Brady was rarely on the field. His first season saw his team’s record at a total failure of 8 losses and zero wins. His abilities would soon show up as he grew older.

6. He was Nearly Not Picked In The Draft



At the start of his career, Brady was only the 199th pick in the draft.  The persistence of the Patriots’ quarterbacks’ coach, Dick Rehbein, helped Bill Belichick decide choose Brady over Louisiana Tech’s Tim Rattay.

7. He Was Very Carefree

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As he approached his very first Superbowl, the calm Brady decided his best strategy was a nap. So he took a nap in the locker room before winning an unexpected victory against the heavily favored Rams. It sure worked.

8. He Did Not Make the Playoffs in High School



His high school career was so lackluster he didn’t even make the playoffs for the school district. He’s quickly made up for that fact as an adult with a a record that includes the most playoff games that have been started by an NFL quarterback.

9. His Dad Helped Start His Career

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Sensing that coaches were not seeing his son’s talent, his dad shelled out 2k to send highlights of his games to coaches across the country. Brady was eventually recruited by five college teams. Even today, some coaches probably still have tapes of a young Tom Brady somewhere on their shelves. We wonder if they ever watched them back then.

10. His High School Was a Mecca for Famous Athletes



Brady is not the only famous athlete to graduate from his high school.  Lynn Swann and Barry Bonds also attended his school. Maybe there’s something in the water?

11. Fresh Socks

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Just like the rest of us, Brady loves fresh, clean socks. He told one teammate that when he hits it really big he just wants to wear new socks everyday and throw out the old ones. We’re sure with an estimated net worth of $120 million buying new socks each day should not be a problem for him.

12. A Hernia Caused His Testicles to Swell



The painful medical condition led to a lot of fan sympathy in 2005 . . and even more slightly off color jokes.

13. He Brashly Spoke Out to the Owner of the Patriots

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Despite being the sixth round draft pick, he still showed off his chutzpah to the team’s owner. Patriots owner Robert Kraft was said to be amused when Brady told him he was the best decision the organization had ever made. Clearly he knew something about his talent even then.

14. His Favorite Team was the 49ers

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As a native of the Bay Area, this was the team he totally cheered on as a young man. He was even in attendance when Dwight Clark made his famous catch to beat the Dallas Cowboys.

15. He Interned For Merrill Lynch

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When his football prospects seemed less than ideal, he decided to explore alternative career ideas. One of his ideas was the insurance industry. During his time as an undergraduate, he spent two summers interning for Merrill Lynch. His old resume is still on file there where copies can be seen today.

16. His Brother-in-Law is Also a Sports Star

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Brady’ sister Julie married three time Red Socks all Star Kevin Youkilis, making him the second sports star in his immediate family. We’re betting family gatherings with his sis are fun.

17. He Loves Uggs



He loves the boots so much he not only wears them, he gives them as gifts to other members of the team. His endorsement has helped make the boots a highly popular choice for men all over America.

18. He’s a Fan of Jay Z

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Brady is reportedly a huge fan of rapper Jay Z. His walkout song on the field is the rapper’s ‘Public Service Announcement’.

19. He Loves Dexter



Dexter as in the television show. Brady is said to be huge fan of this show. He finds the show’s emphasis on plot and subtlety utterly fascinating. Maybe a guest appearance is in his future?

20. He Learned to Throw From Tony Graziani



Brady honed his craft from great Tony Graziani. With 496 touchdowns during the course of his own career, we just know that Tony had lots of great advice for Brady as his student.

21. A Charity Game Turned Into an Injury



It’s no secret that Brady loves to compete. During a football game for charity, he pushed his team so hard one member of his teammates, Christian Fauria, was pushed so far to the limit that he literally pulled a hamstring. 

22.  He Believes in Intense Planning

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You might plan out your schedule a few weeks in advance. Brady takes it a step much further. Unlike us mere mortals, he plans out his life three years in advance. That’s right. Years.

23. He Was Turned Down by a College



USC said no. Rumor has it that coaches here today are still kicking themselves for their decision not to recruit him. He went to Michigan instead and the rest is history.

24. His Goal is to Play Until He’s 48

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Brady works hard to keep his body in meticulous shape. His aim is to be able to stay in the best shape possible at all times. He wants to keep playing the game until he’s at least 48 when he thinks he might consider retiring. Many fans are cheering him on in this goal.

25. He Loves Avocado Ice Cream



Many fans do not agree with him that ice cream should be made from avocado but Tom Brady begs to differ. Brady swears by this pale green ice cream flavor.

26. He Was Not a Popular Local Player



Even as a child, his football talents were not apparent yet. So unclear that he could even play football, local boys considered him a poor prospect at the game at best. They would ask him to play and then not let him have the ball according to his sisters. We’re betting some of those same kids today still tell others how they once played football with the famous Tom Brady.

27. He Was Stuffed Into a Locker in High School

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Classmates reportedly liked to tease the young Tom Brady.  Fellow classmates report they once stuffed him into a locker. We’re sure he got over it and may even have forgiven them.

28. One Goal Short

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Eli Manning remains the only Quarterback that Tom Brady and the Patriots have yet to beat in the Super Bowl.  If they never again play against each other in the big game, everyone will always mention this hard to erase fact.