5 Children Almost Died In House Fire But Thankfully Family Dog Comes To The Rescue

Dogs aren’t just a family pet. For many people, dogs are their beloved companion animals. One family has also learned that their adored family pet is also a lifesaver. Dog lovers everywhere are delighted to learn that man’s best friend is also an animal that can sense danger and warn people to flee from it. Jack, a pitt bull / shepherd mix, is being called Philadelphia’s newest animal hero for his part in helping rescue a family from a fire. The two year old dog earned the eternal gratitude of his owners by licking them to let them know a fire had broken out in their home. One family has spoken out about their dog’s behavior to the press and area animal rescue groups.


The Lomax family was unaware that a fire had broken out in one of back bedrooms of their home. The fire quickly spread to the rest of the house. Both adults and all five kids were fast asleep as the fire started to engulf the entire house. Acting quickly, Jack started to lick the owners’ faces, making them aware that something bad was happening. Quickly smelling smoke, fortunately the parents were able to wake up their five kids and get them out of the space. They have no doubt that had the dog not alerted them to the fire, all seven family members might have easily died in the massive conflagration.

The early morning fire destroyed the entire home. Thanks to Jack, all family members were able to leave it safely. No one was injured. Officials describe the fire as highly dangerous, noting that it spread quickly and might have caused serious harm to all those inside. Jack is being saluted for his fast thinking by many local area rescue groups as well as firefighters. Unfortunately, while he was able to help alert all human members of the family, one of the family cats did not make it out. However, the Lomax family is utterly grateful for the actions of their heroic dog. They know that his ability to smell smoke and act responsibly has saved the lives of all of their five kids. They intend to keep Jack in their hearts and their new home where they hope he will be happy and continue his important work.