Adorable Baby And Dog Pictures That Will Make You Melt – #18 Will Definitely Make Your Day



Babies and dogs make the perfect companions in any home. A dog can guard a baby and even fall asleep next to them, leading to some of the cutest pictures you will see anywhere. Babies and dogs make the perfect combination.

1. Fast Asleep Together

Smiley Monkey


A small child and his loving puppy lean together on the couch for a refreshing afternoon nap. Both are clearly happy.

2. The Perfect Pillow

Smiley Monkey


The dog’s face and the child’s face melt any heart as they lay down on the thick white carpeting for a much need nap.

3. Two Adorable Babies



A tiny baby takes an early nap right on top of a softly welcoming puppy pillow to the delight of the camera person.

4. A Young Lady Greets Her Doggy

Smiley Monkey


A young lady and her favorite dog are obviously having a pleasant heart to heart chat.

5. A Boy and His Darling Puppy



This young man is proud of his puppy companion. The pug and his adoring fan should have lots of fun together as they grow up.

6. Slap Me A Five



An adoring Golden Retriever claims this little girl as her own in this heart-stoppingly adorable photograph that utterly delights the eye.

7. One Patient Dog Companion

Bwana Kennel


One baby is having lots of fun with the new addition to the family. Fortunately, the doggy is patient and loving, tolerating they baby’s careful touch.

8. The Baby Cheers Up His Best Friend



Even small babies can sense emotions. One young baby comforts his sad companion doggy. He knows how to help him cheer up.

9. Doggy Dental Hygiene

Smiley Monkey


This little boy is demonstrating to his best friend exactly how to use a brush on his teeth for better oral hygiene.

10. Playtime in the Park



One young lady knows that dogs love to play outside as much as she does. The two play happily together.

11. The Puppy Welcomes His New Companion

Inspire Leads


This doggy obviously adores his baby companion as he shows in this wonderful picture of the two.

12. Watching the World From the Window

Paw My Gosh


Baby looks on with delight as her dog shows her the world from the window. She knows she can count on him to show her how to see the world.

13. Time For Bed



Twinsies? These two little ones had a great bath and are ready for a good night’s rest.

14. A Happy Baby Smile



This little baby has already found the perfect perch in life. The dog is clearly happy with his darling baby companion.

15. A Great Nap Together

The Inquisitr


It’s nap time for this young child and the young dog in the same happy place.

16. Let Me Hug You

Smiley Monkey


A Siberian Husky checks out the face of her loving fan. She wants him to let be her best friend forever.

17. Kissing the New Doggy

Smiley Monkey


A Pug and a newborn begin the start of a beautiful friendship as mommy watches to document the friendship with her camera.

18. A newborn and His Favorite Nap Space



The newborn baby already knows exactly who to be with when naptime approaches. Together they relax.

19.  A Child and Her Dog Horse Take the Reigns



The Pug may be small but he’s just the right size for a ride as one young lady demonstrates as she rides on his puppy back.