Angelina Jolie Takes On A New Role In The Aftermath Of Her Divorce

Controversial and revered actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie has stepped forward into a new project in her life. Jolie has been much in the spotlight in recent months in the aftermath of her ongoing divorce. She and equally renowned actor Brad Pitt have been engaged in a very public divorce that has caught the public’s attention. The two had a long-term relationship after Pitt split from actress Jennifer Anniston. After adopting several kids and having three kids naturally, Jolie and Pitt married in a public ceremony. Jolie and Pitt have also been widely hailed for their involvement in many numerous humanitarian causes including that of the reproductive cancers that run in Ms. Jolie’s family. As she and Pitt work out their personal custody arrangements and financial plans, she has turned her attention to another matter that has great meaning for her as well.

Perfume She Loves 

Those who watch the actress are not surprised that she has agreed to be the face of Guerlain Parfumeur’s new fragrance for women. The French company knows that Ms. Jolie has long enjoyed their unique contributions to the world of scents. The idea for her involvement in the brand first started when she was directing a new film in Cambodia. At that time, company officials began to come up with a unique concept they knew would appeal to her and to many other women all over the world. The aim of the perfume is to help embody what women stand for in a single fragrance. Officials want people to associate this scent with the goals and plans of he modern women. Jolie has agreed to be the spokesperson for the new perfume. She has also agreed to donate all her earnings from her new role to the many charities she helps support.

A Favorite of Her Mom

One of the reasons that Jolie has agreed to this role is because this perfume was a favorite of her late mom’s. Jolie was close to her mother and still greatly cherishes her memory.


As she and Pitt seek to work out the terms of their divorce, they have both tried to keep a temporarily low profile in order to help spare their children any unwanted publicity. Her new projects have largely focused on areas where she knows she can make a difference in the world. This new fragrance and the charities she knows it will help support are projects that are close to her heart. Her other work since deciding on the divorce has been all about supporting her children and children all around the world as well. She has recorded a video in support of policies that she knows will help children in the International Criminal Court. She and officials at Guerlain are hopeful that others will be inspired by her decision to support this perfume. They both hope that women will embrace this new fragrance as a form of self expression while also being mindful of the need to support other women around the world who may need their help to become free and strong.