Famous Women Talk Candidly About Their Earnings

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Powerful women are increasingly unafraid to speak out.  Today, more than ever, women are stepping forward to tell the world exactly what they’re worth.  If money is power, the following female celebrities from all walks of life, are willing to show the world they have lots of it. Click ‘Next’ to see what your other favorite celebs are worth…

1. Beyonce 

The Gazette Review


One half of the hit musical power couple with Jay Z, she’s a much admired singer in her own right. The combined net worth of this power couple is obviously higher, but her own personal net worth is about $265 million.


2. Scarlett Johansson 



ScarJo, as she’s known to fans, is one of the most visible working actresses today. Her work in many big film features have helped her rack up a network of well over $80 million after a series of canny career moves. 

3. Sofia Vergara 

Business Insider


Perhaps the most popular actress of television, Vergara has a slew of endorsements in addition to her work on Modern Family. As a result, she’s the highest paid actress on the small screen with an estimated net worth of about $100 million. 

4. Tina Fey

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The instantly recognizable actress is noted for her writing as well as her memorable turn as Liz Lemon on the small screen. With a bestseller on her hands, it’s no wonder the actress and writer has a net worth of roughly $45 million.

5. Alicia Keys 

MJ Celebrity Magazine


Keys, the world famous R&B musician, has a string of Grammy’s to her name. Currently seen as a judge on one of television’s most popular vocal talent shows, she has an estimated net worth of about $130 million.

6. Miley Cyrus

The Inquisitr


Another famous singer, Cyrus is now arguably more famous than papa Billy Ray. Her work in the hit Disney show ‘Hannah Montana’, has made her recognizable to a generation of young fans. Today, with concerts all over the globe, her net work is about $165 million.

7. Julia Roberts 


This ‘Pretty Woman’ actress had her first big hit over two decades ago. Since then, she’s been a regular fixture on the big screen. Her award winning performances have helped earn her a net worth of $170 million.

8. Adele 

The 13th Floor


Singing sensation Adele has a big voice that has made her famous in recent years. With many impressive hits and a slew of loving fans, she’s also made a fortune. Her net worth is a mighty $80 million.

9. Jessica Alba



While less seen in recent years, the actress has turned to business. At the helm of the hugely adored The Honest Company, she’s made some serious money marketing products people love. Her net worth is roughly $200 million.

10. Charlize Theron 

Screen Crush


The South African born blonde has made a big splash on the big screen and has earned herself an Oscar along the way. With an estimated net worth of $110 million, she’s also one of the richest women in contemporary Hollywood.

11. Taylor Swift 

The Inquisitr


Swift has had a meteoric rise as a singer popular across many genres. Known for her vocal range and catchy tunes, she’s continued to churn out hit after hit. Her net worth is roughly $240 million.

12. Sandra Bullock 



One of the most visible actresses in recent years, Bullock has been part of many of the most financially successful movie hits in the last two decades. Fans know her from roles that include ‘While You Were Sleeping’ and ‘Speed’. Her net worth is about $200 million.

13. Jennifer Lawrence 



One of the most sought after of contemporary actresses with an Oscar to her credit, Lawrence has also been part of the mega hit series, ‘The Hunger Games’. As the highest paid actress in the last year, fans can hardly be surprised to learn that her net worth is roughly $75 million.

14. Nicole Kidman 

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Australian Kidman has been noted for her marriages as much as her series of big screen hits. Despite being married to two of Hollywood’s best compensated stars, she’s also amassed a personal net worth of about $130 million.

15. Katy Perry 

Music Zone


The billboard topping singer is one of the most popular pop stars in the country. Her work in this field has led to performances such as the Super Bowl along with dozens of concerts each year. Fans will not be surprised to learn she has a net worth of $200 million.

16. Rihanna 



The Barbados native has enjoyed huge success in the United States with a string of vocal hits and an estimated net worth of about $140 million.

17. Angelina Jolie 

The Nation


Jolie has been the spotlight for years as a result of her romance with Brad Pitt and her vivid devotion to motherhood. Oh and then there’s a little matter of an impressive movie career with strong roles. She’s got an estimated net worth of $200 million.

18. Drew Barrymore

Hamptons Magazine


Instantly in the public eye for her role in ‘E.T.’ as a young child, this scion of the world famous acting family has continued to stay in the public eye. She’s still one of the most sought out actresses. Her net worth is roughly $150 million.

19. Judy Sheindlin 

CBS Reality

Ms. Judge Judy is very rich. Thanks to syndication of her no nonsense show, she’s been able to accumulate a fortune estimated at $290 from fans who appreciate her ability to tell it as it is.

20. Danielle Steel 

Pop Sugar


Steel, known for her romance novels, has sold millions of copies, making her one of the best selling authors of all time. Her net worth is about $310 million.

21. Ellen DeGeneres 

The Gazette Review


As the successor to Oprah in the talk show game, the comedian has her own media empire. Her net worth as a result of her likable persona and warmth is said to be $330 million.

22. Jennifer Anniston 



Known for her work in the immortal sitcom ‘Friends’, her work in movies has also been impressive, keeping her fan base happy. It’s not surprising that she has a net worth of $150 million.

23. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen 

Womens Forum


The identical twins began their career on the classic sitcom ‘Full House’. Since then, they’ve expanded into many new ventures including their very own production company and fashion line. The two have an estimated net worth of $300 million.

24. Cher 

The New York Times


The iconic actress and singer has been one of the most visible names in Hollywood for decades. Consequently, she’s been able to see her net worth rise to $320 million.

25. Jennifer Lopez

Hollywood Reporter


Lopez, aka Jennie from the block, has numerous talents including singing, acting and dancing. Her work in all three fields has helped propel her net worth to about $300 million.

26. Nora Roberts 

Famous Authors


The prolific writer remains one of the world’s most beloved. Her thoughtfully crafted fiction along with her ability to turn out prose has helped her create a net worth of roughly $340 million and counting.

27. Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Pop Sugar


Her breakout performance in the sitcom ‘Seinfeld’ was the first of many roles that have helped her continue to be an in-demand actress. With a series of Emmys to her credit, she’s also one of the most admired. Her net worth is estimated at roughly $200 million.

28. Barbara Streisand 



Streisand has mostly retired but she remains an admired national figure. With dozens of hits to her name and a string of movie roles, she has a net worth of about $370 million.

29. Celine Dion 



Perhaps the richest woman in Canada, the elegant singer has garnered many fans for her vocal range and glorious choice in music. Known for her concerts in Las Vegas, she has an estimated net worth of about $630 million.

30. Dolly Parton 



One of the best known country singers is also one of the richest. Her net worth has also been enhanced by her investment in the ‘Dollywood’ amusement park. Her personal net worth is about $500 million.

31. Madonna 

The Independent


The one word star is one of the richest women in Hollywood. Thanks to her intelligent investments and her ability to crank out catchy pop hits, she’s been at the top of the charts for more than two decades. Her estimated net worth is about $800 million.

32.  Mariah Carey 

Chicago’s B96

This pop diva has been amazing audiences with her vocal range for years. Her songs, hit records and many tours make her a very rich woman with an estimated net worth of about $520 million.