He Carried His Bride Down The Aisle For The Most Incredible Reason


From the time they are little girls, many women have dreamed about the day they will be able to walk down the aisle and marry their soulmate. That single action may only take a few seconds, but it’s an image that sticks in a bride’s head, often for the rest of their life. 

Now imagine for a moment if you had that dream but it was suddenly snatched away from you because of a horrendous accident.

Hannah Patterson was involved in a bad car accident one month before her marriage. Her injuries were so bad that walking down the aisle wasn’t really an option. 

Patterson told ABC News that her injuries included broken ribs, a punctured kidney and a concussion. She also suffered from partial hearing loss. The accident happened on July 18 and she was set to marry Stuart Patterson on August 25. 

Despite her injuries, the couple didn’t want to give up their big day and they forged ahead with their plans to tie the knot.


Sarah Grace Photography

“Obviously, being in the wheelchair and not able to walk was very upsetting for me on my wedding day,” she told ABC News, “but I had cried at the rehearsal so I didn’t cry on the day.”

Stuart, always the gentleman, decided at the time of his wife’s breakdown at the rehearsal that he would make sure that his bride had her walk down the aisle. 

On the day of their wedding, Stuart picked up his bride and carried her down the aisle. An image of his incredible act of love was captured by Sarah Powell of Sarah Grace Photography.


Sarah Grace Photography

Even more amazing was the young bride’s amazing resilience. Despite her incredible pain, she decided to stand for the ceremony.

“It was hard on me to stand for that long even with Stuart holding me up,” she recalled. Patterson stood on one leg and used her husband as a crutch.

The couple wed at Cranberry Creek Gardens in Ontario, Canada. After the wedding, the bride explained her husband’s character: “Stuart has never left my side during all of this. I know it has been hard on him to see me like this, but he was strong for both of us. He always made me see how blessed I was. … I had to try to be thankful I was still there to get married.”

The entire viral moment wascaptured on film and shared on Facebook, where it has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. 

The couple is definitely off to a great start with their marriage. After the video was posted on Facebook one user summed up their resilience in a perfect statement:

“What a heartwarming story. I believe that’s what marriage is supposed to be. No matter being sick or the many obstacles ahead, it’s up to both people to get through life together and to be strong for each other.”