Historic WW2 Photos


World War II continues to intrigue people today. The idea of nations going to war against each other all over the globe is one that seems almost unimaginable today. Veterans, their descendants and historians continue to learn from the photographs taken during that time even decades later.

1. A Colorized Allied Bomber


This picture demonstrates the bombers the Allied forces relied upon during the war. The crew gathers on the ground in order to inspect it carefully before they take off.

2. Outside the Plane Cockpit


In a rare photograph, viewers are able to see the outside of a plane while it’s in the air. Such photographs were often taken and distributed to demonstrate the power of the military to both allies and enemies.

3. German Seaplane Up in the Air


Powerful German seaplanes were able to go from the air to the sea effortlessly.

4. A Soviet Fighter


The Soviets participated in the war effort. Here, one of their best weapons lies on display in full color for historians to assess and consider.

5. A Large German Tank


German tanks were one of the workhorses of the war effort. Here a soldier sticks his head out of the tank, no doubt confident in his ability to fight.

6. An Allied Bomber Crew Poses


Five young men stand in front of their bomber, posing for pictures. Bombers were one of the keys to the war effort yet casualties were high and many men lost their lives all during the war.

7. A Sad POW


As many soldiers knew, being captured behind enemy lines was not fun. This sad soldier awaits his fate.

8. Down a Dirt Road With a Tank


As the war went on, tanks became an increasingly common site. This was true even in the obscure corners and dirt roads.

9. German Female Students Line Up


German female students were expected to adhere to a certain level of physical fitness.

10. Nazi Funeral


Nazi soldiers line up for a funeral, honoring one of their lost soldiers.

11. Staring at the Seaplane


In what was probably a welcome sight, soldiers stare at a seaplane that has washed ashore.

12. A Bombed Out Library


Many buildings were bombed during the war, including ancient and priceless libraries as these men discover to their dismay.

13. Climbing the Tank Barrel


Even soldiers need to let off stress. This photograph shows one soldier showing off the power of his tank as he climbs the very end of the barrel.

14. Heading Into a Firestorm


Soldiers prepare for the firestorm right in front of them. It is not known if any of the men died during the storm.

15. The Landing at D-Day


A rare color photograph shows soldiers as they head off to the beaches on D-Day in full protective gear from head to toe.

16. German Gunners Stand at Attention


The discipline expected of German soldiers can be seen even here when they were supposed to be at ease.

17. Soldiers Prepare for War By Jumping Off a Tank


A group of soldiers prepare for battle as they jump off this tank and take on the opposition.

18. A huge Hitler Rally


The power of Hitler to draw in crowds is visible in this colorized photograph. Thousands attended his every single speech.

19. Lifting a Plane From the Water


Here, a plane is brought out from the water, allowing it to be closely examined and then perhaps dismantled as war booty.

20. A Grinning Gunner


In a rare moment, one gunner grins as he strikes a pose next to his gun. Many young men had a mixture of fear and happiness as they went off to war for their country.

21. Russian Soldier Leading The Way


Prisoners Of War led by a Soldier to face their soon to be consequences.

22. A Naval Battle at Sea


This rare photo shows the viewer an actual naval battle. Viewers can actually see the battle as it is about to unfold at sea.

23. The Aircraft Carrier About to Capsize


As others look on in either horror or glee, a large aircraft carrier falls directly into the sea.

24. A Soldier Surrenders in Front of a Tank


Surrender was a common experience for many people during the war. This was common even for armed soldiers. Here, a soldier comes out with his hands up ready for his fate.