Lifehacks To Improve Every Single Aspect Of Your Life


Challenges that slow down our day are quite annoying – we all face them.  Trying some of these life hacks can make for a smoother, more enjoyable life.

For many of us, we feel the rest of our day is doomed if we face challenges too early in our day.  You know the feeling, you wake up early and you’re ready to make today the most amazing day and you’re pumped to get it started.

You then reach over your bed and grab your cell phone and read a text message from someone with news that is sure to deflate the excitement of your day.  You try to shake it off and persuade yourself that the rest of the day will work itself out.  Then you get into your car and accidentally spill your coffee all over yourself.

All of this frustration can surely be avoided. Read on to see how you can dominate such challenges and keep your day moving in the right direction….

#23 Hyperventilation


Do you remember trying to stay underwater longer than your friends when you were a little kid? Well, if you had known this trick you would have always been the champion! Before trying to hold your breath for a long period of time, force yourself to hyperventilate. Experts say that doing this can help you to comfortably go without air for about ten seconds longer than normal!


#22 Magic Pills


If you have a big night of drinking planned, be sure to swallow a few vitamins before hitting the juice. Doctors say that a B-complex pill and a Folic Acid supplement can help to stop hangovers before they start.

Want another hangover buster? Keep reading down to slide 1!


#21 Sinus Pain


There’s nothing worse than having a cold that won’t go away! Pushing your tongue up against the roof of your mouth while using your thumb to push on the space between your eyebrows will help to almost instantly loosen sinus congestion. This is thanks to a small bone called the Vomer!


#20 When Nature Calls


It always seems like you have to pee at the exact moment the line is the longest! Well, this sounds a bit crazy, but start thinking about sex. This helps keep your attention off the pee-pee dance while you wait in line for your turn on the commode. Who knew!


#19 Get Some Rest


Millions of people around the world suffer from heartburn.  This common affliction can actually be treated while you sleep! When you sleep on your left side, your stomach pushes down on the esophagus and helps keep acid reflux down through the power of gravity. This is not as effective if you sleep on your right side.

Another stomach-themed tip is on slide 14!


#18 Swallow Tricks


If you have to take medication daily, it’s likely that you’ve become accustomed to popping your pills into your mouth, taking a swig of water and throwing your head back to help wash it down. If you tilt your head forward, your pills will actually go down easier!

Still struggling to choke down those pills? Check out slide 13!


#17 Bright Lights


Before walking outside or into a bright room, close one eye tightly. If you do this while keeping one eye open, your body is much less likely to be shocked by the sudden change in lighting. This can also work if you’re walking into a dark space! Remember this the next time you’re at the movies!


#16 Paging Dr. Ice Cube


About 50% of the nerves in your hand are connected to the pain receptors in your mouth. So it only makes sense that most toothaches can be helped by placing an ice cube on the back of your hand. This helps reduce pain and swelling. Plus it can help keep you from having to drop your latest paycheck at the dentist’s office!


#15 Ouch!


No one likes to hear a baby cry! But if they’re crying because of teething pain, there’s actually something you can do to help! Place a baby spoon in the freezer for a few minutes and then allow the child to place it in their mouth. The coldness will help reduce swelling and inflammation!


#14 Stop The Cramps


Have you ever gotten a cramp in your side while running or working in the garden? Take your fingers and push them up under your ribs on the side opposite of your side stitch. This will help to relax your muscles and get rid of your cramp so that you can get on with your workout!


#13 Just A Spoonful Of Sugar


Medication can taste just plain nasty sometimes! So try to reduce some of that horrible flavor by washing your medicine down with a spoonful of applesauce or jelly. Some people even like to break open their capsules and crush their pills so that they can completely mix their treatments with a sweet treat!


#12 Itchy Scratchy


Got an itchy throat? Try scratching your ear! When the ear is scratched, it stimulates the nerves in your neck. This causes the muscles in your throat to contract, which can help relieve some of the itchiness. This will definitely come in handy during the dreaded cold and flu season!


#11 Lean In


Are you struggling to hear in a loud room? If so, make sure that your right ear is turned towards the mouth of the person speaking to you. Scientists say that the right ear is better at hearing rapid speech, while the left ear is more capable of hearing musical tones.


#10 Pins and Needles


Everyone is familiar with that pins and needles feeling after sitting or standing in one position for too long! But, if you gently move the afflicted muscle and rotate your head in a circular pattern then you’ll regain feeling very quickly. Now that’s a tip we can all use from time to time!


#9 I Don’t Feel So Good


Have you ever seen those bracelets they sell that claim to cure nausea? Well, it turns out that there’s actually a scientific basis behind them! You can replicate their effects by gently pressing down on the space between the two tendons in your wrist. This will help relieve your nausea within a few seconds!


#8 Stretch It Out


Be sure to spend a few minutes stretching after each and every workout! This will help reduce your muscle pain and lead to a faster recovery time overall. After all, you exercise to improve your fitness, not injure yourself! Even just five minutes of stretching a day can keep you happy and healthy for years to come!


#7 Feel The Burn


It can be very emotionally stressful to get bad news while you’re in a public place. So if you start to feel that burning feeling around your eyes and you think you might cry, take a deep breath and start naming all the objects around you. This is usually enough to take your mind off whatever is upsetting you so you can get somewhere private!


#6 Take A Chill Pill


Feeling anxious and stressed pit? Pretend that your thumb is a trumpet and blow hard! This will normalize your heart rate and send blood rushing to your head. It may not be as effective as medication and therapy over the long term, but it definitely could help in a pinch!


#5 No More Headaches


Many people treat their headaches by pulling on their ear lobes or rubbing their temples. However this is unlikely to do any good. Instead, try pulling on the middle of your ear. This will stimulate blood flow to your brain and help to get rid of your headache much faster than normal!


#4 Inner Peace


Meditation isn’t just for hippies anymore! Practicing mindfulness and meditation has been scientifically proven to reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke, plus aid in recovery from mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. It really seems that we could all use a little extra “OM” in our lives!


#3 Smells Like Christmas


People have all sorts of tips and tricks to help them study, but very few know about this one! Taking a whiff of cinnamon powder can instantly improve memory and cognition, as well as give you an instant energy boost. Just be careful so that you don’t accidentally inhale some of it!


#2 Spot A Liar


It can be really difficult to tell if someone is lying, but paying careful attention to their physical cues can help you figure it out! If they’re crossing their arms, sweating, or even breathing faster than normal, you may have a liar on your hands. You’ll definitely want to watch out!


#1 Drink Up!


Heading out for a night of drinking? Be sure to stay hydrated! Try asking the bartender for a glass of water in between each alcoholic beverage. In addition, drink a big cup of water or Gatorade before tucking in at the end of the night. You’ll thank yourself in the morning!