Minnesota Governor Unexpectedly Collapses While Giving Important Public Speech

Politicians are often called on to speak in public. Giving a speech in public is an ideal way for any elected official to directly appeal to the public. Unfortunately, speaking in public can take a toll on the human body. Those who speak in public often need to speak for a long time without breaks, often under hot lights that can be tiring. One such official demonstrated this fact in public in a recent speech to his constituents. Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton unexpectedly collapsed in front of a large audience and had to be taken away to be given medical attention. Staffers say he is okay but concerns remain about his ability to carry out all necessary parts of the job.

The State of the State Address 

The incident happened when the governor was giving his annual state of the state address. The sixty-nine year old Democrat spoke for more than forty minutes, laying out his plans for the coming year to those gathered to hear the speech. This was when he was about two-thirds of the way through his address. Officials watched in horror as he hit his head on the lectern and stumbled over a few sentences. His aides helped him into a back room where he was given a chance to rest and catch his breath. While he was able to walk out of the capital building on his own, he was later examined by medical officials to determine if he had any ongoing medical issues that needed to be directly addressed.

Other Medical Issues 

The collapse is not the first time questions have been raised about the governor’s overall health. The governor is about to turn 70. In February of 2016, he fainted in front of a crowd while campaigning. Officials said he was treated for dehydration at the time. Since that time, he has undergone several hip surgeries, leaving him with a visible limp. Those watching him speak in public stated they thought he limped as he entered the chamber to deliver the speech. While his voice was clearly heard, he appeared to lose his place and find it impossible to discover it again before stumbling off the lectern and getting medical help in the back room of the building.

A Democrat in Office 

Governor Dayton has been the governor of Minnesota since 2011. Since that time, he has helped decrease the budget deficit and accomplish other goals such as increasing the state’s minimum wage and allowing the legalization of same sex marriages in the state. All members of all parties in the state are united in wishing the governor a quick and easy recovery. Dayton stated that he intends to remain in office and continue his work there. The governor looks to the last two years of his term in office. He will not be seeking re-election.