One Principal Has His Head Shaved By Student To Demonstrate The Importance Of Standing Up Against Bullying

Bullying is a terrible thing to do. Thus, it is not surprising that many school officials have done all they can to help tap down on bullying and protect kids. One principal has put his money where his mouth is or rather his hair where his principles lie. As many people know, cancer treatment can take a toll on the human body. One young man, Jackson Johnston, loves his grandfather. The sixth grader, a student at Pekin Elementary School in Iowa, saw that his grandfather’s hair was falling out in the aftermath of his cancer treatments.

Support For His Grandfather 

In order to show solidarity with his adored grandfather Johnston decided to shave his own head. Many people might think this is a great thing for him to do. After all, cancer is a mean disease and the treatment often unpleasant. Watching a young man decide to demonstrate his love of his grandfather by shaving his own head would be seen as an admirable act by many people. Alas, children can be cruel to those who are different. Johnston told his mom, Amber, that he was being teased by other students in the school for his bravery. Not wanting to see her son teased, Amber Johnston contacted the school’s principal to tell him what was going on there.

Shaving His Head 

After hearing about the teasing, principal Tim Hadley decided to act as well. Hadley instructed young Johnston to bring clippers to school the very next day. He called an assembly in front of the entire student body. To the delight of Johnston, his principal asked him to clip his principal’s own hair in front of all the students.



In doing so, Hadley hopes to demonstrate an important message. He wants all students at the school to know the importance of standing up together and coming together as one. He wants students to think about their actions and their words. He asked students to use their words to help build others up rather than tear them down. His overall aim is to help students learn to support each other at all times, especially when facing difficult conditions. Johnston is happy to report to others that students have apologized to him thanks to the principal’s generous actions. Both the principal and the student hope to show others they can make a difference in life.