The Biggest Celebs Of All Time And Their Absolutely Insane Stalkers

#13 Wendy Williams


Wendy Williams is the host of her own TV show and is a huge media personality and star. While she has a ton of fans, one sticks out as being a little bit creepy. An anonymous man has shown up to the set of her show each and every day and demands to see her in person. It is unknown if he is a harmless super fan or just a nut, but either way, it seems a bit concerning.

Another TV host plagued by a stalker is at #10, and you won’t guess who it is!


#12 Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston is without a doubt one of the biggest stars in film and TV, and has been for years. Like most people she needs a caffeine pick-me-up once in a while and has a favorite Starbucks she goes to. A super-fan/stalker named Jason Peyton knew that Aniston frequented the place and was arrested while waiting for her there. He was armed with a sharp object, a roll of duct tape and notes explaining his love for her.

The stalker at #9 is similar and was slightly more successful than Mr. Peyton.


#11 Sanaa Lathan


This is a pretty weird one and it’s shocking that some stalkers and creeps are willing to go this far. Actress Sanaa Lathan was the target of 28-year-old Shawn Caples, who was found sleeping in her laundry room one day. When he was questioned he claimed he was her secret husband, even though she was single and, you know, not married to him. The man even appeared at her house on a few other occasions, which led Lathan to hide from him inside her own home.


#10 Conan O’Brien


Believe it or not, O’Brien was actually stalked by a priest! This man of the cloth sent Conan a ton of tapes and DVDs and even tried to sneak into a taping of his show. He said he was just trying to get into the priest-comedy game, but as it turns out, that isn’t a thing. As a result, he was arrested, which led him to be stripped of his position as a priest.

We don’t think #6 was as concerned about his career … he wanted police to kill him!


#9 Jodie Foster


The man who stalked Jodie Foster went above and beyond and did some terrible things to try and get her to love him. In 1980, after Foster enrolled at Yale, her stalker (John Hinckley Jr.) actually enrolled as well to try and get closer to her. He took things a step further by sending her a ton of letters and even went as far as to try and assassinate President Ronald Reagan because he thought it would make her happy.


#8 Taylor Swift


Of all the musical acts out there, few are doing as well as Taylor Swift. Unfortunately this leads to some people becoming obsessed with her, such as Timothy Sweet. He has been calling Taylor his wife, sending her a ton of letters and has even threatened to kill anyone who gets in the way of their love, which is obviously a cause for concern.

The next entry is perhaps the greatest female athlete of all time, which attracts plenty of unwanted attention.


#7 Serena Williams


When it comes to women’s tennis, there hasn’t been anyone as dominant or successful as Serena Williams. While most of her fans are completely normal people, there are definitely a handful of exceptions. In fact, one man who was obsessed with her actually used the locations on her tweets to follow her around. He was finally caught after trying to break into her home to profess his love for her. Thankfully, she wasn’t there at the time.


#6 Miley Cyrus


For a number of years, Cyrus has been stalked by a man named Devon Meeks. Not only is he completely crazy (like most stalkers are), he’s actually pretty dangerous. He claims that he can hear her flirting with him through the radio, which is pretty much the definition of “crazy.” When he was arrested in front of her home, he asked the cops to just shoot him because he would rather die than live without Miley.


#5 Sandra Bullock


Sandra Bullock is an A-list leading lady in Hollywood who almost had her life cut short at the hands of a stalker. Recently, a man named Joshua Corbett broke into her home looking for her. Thankfully, she wasn’t there. He hung around for about an hour before finally being captured. When he was arrested, police found a gun on him. Who knows what he may have done with that gun if Bullock was home.


#4 Rihanna


A home is normally a place where people can feel safe, but when you’re as famous as Rihanna is, not even your home is a place you can relax. Stalker Jonathan Whooper has shown up at Rihanna’s home on numerous occasions and claimed to be her husband. A judge has given Rihanna a restraining order against Whooper, but crazy people often don’t follow things like the law very well, so we’ll see if he sticks to it in the future.


#3 Ashanti


While some people just want to be in the presence of the celebrities they are crazy for, Ashanti’s stalker took it a step further. He is simply obsessed with flashing her. He has sent numerous lewd photos to her and her family on social media and even got their numbers and texted them some too. Thankfully, he was arrested for his horrific behavior.

Ashanti isn’t the only musician attracting this kind of attention. Even the Queen of Pop doesn’t seem to be immune. Check the next slide …


#2 Madonna


Madonna is a mega star and one of the biggest celebrities of all time, so it’s no shock that some stalkers have made her their target. In 1995, Robert Hoskins was trying to climb the fence on her property in an attempt to harm her before he was shot by her security. Since then, people have thought twice about messing with her and her team. A stalker hasn’t bothered her in over 20 years.


#1 Beyonce


You’d probably be surprised if Queen Bey wasn’t on the list. The type of fame and wealth she has is such that very few people ever see in their lifetimes. She gets a ton of fan mail, so when Bassey Essien gave her some letters, she thought they were similar to the mail she was used to getting. Hint: they weren’t. The letters were full of crazy rantings that claimed Beyonce was an imposter and had killed the real Beyonce.