The Biggest Ways Your Dog Says ‘I Love You’ That You Never Noticed


Dogs aren’t very different from human beings. Man’s best friend got that nickname for a reason; dogs are loyal, trustworthy and have emotions just like us.

But our furry friends can’t exactly tell us that they love us, can they? We have to look out for the various ways they show affection and tell us that they care.

Click through to see the numerous ways your dog tells you that he or she loves you. We’re willing to bet that you didn’t know about #3 at all!

#12 Eye Contact


Dogs are like us. They use eye contact to establish either power or an emotional connection. Ever feel your dog’s eyes on the back of your head and turn to see it staring you down, and all of a sudden wagging its tail like you invited it to play? Eye contact with your pup means you’ve established a trusting, caring relationship, unless he or she is hungry, then it probably means “feed me!”

#11 Wagging The Tail


You probably think that when a dog’s tail wags, it means the dog is happy. That’s definitely true, but it’s a little bit deeper than that. Think of a tail’s rigidity. If a dog has a stiff or tucked tail, it usually means it’s afraid or tense. The looser and more relaxed a dog’s tail is, the happier it is. Therefore, if you have a happy, relaxed and loving dog, you can tell by its tail.

This is especially important to keep in mind for #4 on this list.

#10 They Lean


Ever been slowly, gradually pushed out of your seat by your dog? How about out of bed? Your pup isn’t trying to be rude, and it doesn’t even want your spot. It wants to lean on you because that’s how it shows comfort and happiness. Your dog can’t help that you can’t stay still!

#9 They Won’t Leave You Alone


Ever get annoyed by your dog following you around constantly? This is a subtle sign that he or she loves you very much. Your dog doesn’t follow you around because it’s bored or waiting to be entertained. It wants to be where you are and see what you’re up to. A dog that doesn’t give you alone time is a social, happy and loving dog.

#8 They Bring You Stuff


When a dog drops a ball on your lap, it’s usually a sign that he or she wants to play. But don’t take this action for granted. It also means that your dog is trying to show you affection by sharing. They think that if they love their toys so much, you might get some enjoyment out of them too.

#7 Smelling You “Down There”


When a dog stuffs its nose in your goodies, it can be really awkward. But the dog is really just trying to say “hi” and establish trust quickly. You’ve seen how dogs sniff each other’s butts when they meet — it’s just how they socialize and get comfortable with you. Don’t take it personally!

#6 They Lick Your Face

This one is obvious! When a dog gets close enough to lick your face, it’s giving you “kisses” and telling you that it loves you. Don’t get too paranoid about germs. While dogs don’t always have awesome breath and lick some pretty gross things, their mouths are still ultimately cleaner than yours!

#5 They Jump On You


This is definitely one of the most annoying things about dogs and can be especially annoying if you have a BIG dog. But when dogs jump up and down (and even jump on you) they’re just excited to see you and probably just want to play!

Speaking of playing …

#4 They Want To Fight


Sometimes your dog will come up to you, get defensive and start barking or trying to pick a fight with you. Pay attention to the tail though – if it’s wagging and relaxed, your dog really just wants to play. Roughhousing is how dogs bond and form deeper relationships with their owners. You do have to establish boundaries though. It’s okay to play-fight with your dog as a way to teach it not to bite or bark.

#3 Yes, They Do Smile At You


Sometimes you look at a dog and you could swear it’s smiling at you. It probably is! Dogs can smile the same as we do. Well, not exactly the same. We don’t let our tongues hang out when we do it. But a relaxed dog means a relaxed mouth, and that mouth can often contort into something that looks just like a smile. Though we’re a bit different on this point, a dog smile means love, just like a genuine human smile.

#2 Peeing Or Pooping In Front Of You


Every dog owner has been in that awkward situation where your pup goes potty and uncomfortably stares at you. This is actually a security thing. A dog feels vulnerable when it pees and poops and looks to its owner for comfort. Additionally, if a dog creates a mess where it’s not supposed to — namely, the carpet – it’s not trying to be disobedient. It’s actually a sign of respect and recognition that you’re in charge.

#1 They’re Loyal


Dogs are, above all, loyal creatures. Since dogs are part of the wolf family, they’ll recognize you as the “alpha” in their wolf pack and instinctually dedicate themselves to you completely. The loyalty factor is the biggest part of what makes dogs such great pets, and everything on this list is a result of that loyalty.