The Most Dangerous Animals In The Entire World

#25 Moose


If you are camping or exploring out in the woods, it is likely that you have run into one of these giants. While they can be a great specimen to look at from afar, these things can be extremely dangerous. Not only are they huge, but they’re also very powerful and could crush you with ease.

Probably didn’t think we’d start here, did you? #12 is an unexpected entry as well!


#24 Dog


There is a good chance that if you are reading this, you either own a dog or know someone who does. While most of them are good, some dogs can be extremely aggressive and vicious while others can carry deadly diseases like rabies. The next animal on this list is one that you wouldn’t have expected AT ALL.


#23 Snails


We often see snails while walking around the grass or in our garden, but I bet you didn’t know they cause about 10,000 deaths around the world each year. They don’t attack people or anything (how would that work?), but many of them are poisonous and people simply don’t give them the respect they deserve.


#22 Tapeworms/Roundworms


Tapeworms and other types of intrusive worms are some of the grossest animals out there. These things can live inside of our bodies and can give us a ton of problems. They can eat away at us from the inside and spread diseases. Plus it is just disgusting to imagine a long worm just slithering around in your insides.


#21 Crocodile


While very few species of crocodile are actually aggressive toward human beings, the ones that are aggressive and harmful are extremely deadly. The Nile and saltwater crocodiles are some of the most deadly out there and are responsible for thousands of attacks each year, many of which are unfortunately fatal.


#20 Deer


Deer are everywhere and seem innocent as can be. But the seemingly peaceful animal can actually be incredibly dangerous. This is because deer are a huge cause of car accidents. Needless to say, getting hit by a car doesn’t exactly end well for the deer, but it’s also pretty bad for the person driving. The car is usually totalled, and drivers and passengers can end up with serious, sometimes life-threatening injuries.


#19 Shark


If you are scared of deep water or the ocean, the likely reason for this is that you are scared of being attacked by something. And the something you are likely most afraid of is the shark. There are many different species of sharks, and many of them are very capable of killing you.


#18 Lion


You know the king of Africa had to appear on this list. While most of us will never come in contact with a lion, that doesn’t mean these animals aren’t dangerous. Lions are massive, fast, strong and can be aggressive. This is a recipe for disaster for those that try to get a little too close.


#17 Elephant


While elephants normally aren’t very aggressive, their sheer size and power can be a problem if you tick them off. These are some of the biggest land animals out there and are capable of killing just about any other animal if they so choose. Check out the second entry for another humungous land animal that can be extremely dangerous.


#16 Wolf


We often hear wolves out in the wild, but very rarely do we see or come into contact with them. And to be honest, that is probably a good thing. Wolves have a pack mentality and often travel with others, which makes them even more dangerous than animals who travel alone. If these animals are hungry they won’t hesitate to take you out.


#15 Africanized Bee


Bees are extremely important to our ecosystem, and most are not aggressive. However, the Africanized bee goes against that. These bees have spread throughout the world and once they have you in their sights, they don’t give up. Their sting is deadly, and they have caused many deaths over the years.


#14 Deathstalker


Scorpions on the whole are deadly, but there is one specific kind that is responsible for a majority of scorpion-caused deaths; the appropriately named “Deathstalker.” These nasty scorpions are found in deserts all over the world and are extremely poisonous. If you spot one, you should avoid it at all costs.


#13 Rhinoceros


Just by looking at them, you can tell these things can cause you a lot of problems if they want to. Their skin is very hard and strong, so good luck hurting them in any way with your bare hands. And the massive horns on their head can really hurt or kill you if they charge. Even though they aren’t overly aggressive, they still are dangerous.


#12 Cape Buffalo


Not only is this animal huge, it is also very dangerous to humans. These have never been domesticated and thus, are very unpredictable, making it pretty tough to plan for how they will react. These animals kill over 200 people each and every year and have no real natural predators.


#11 Poison Dart Frog


These bright little frogs are super cute but if you see one, you should turn and run the other way. These have a bright color because they are extremely toxic and their poison actually resides on their skin, which means they are deadly to even touch. The next animal also looks fairly cute, but will seriously mess you up.


#10 Polar Bears


While these creatures are often portrayed as fairly lovable and cute, they are actually quite deadly. Food can be scarce where they live, and thus, they can be pretty vicious and aggressive killers. Despite their harmless portrayals in Coke ads and similar promotions, these are among the most deadly bears out there.


#9 Box Jellyfish


Jellyfish are beautiful to look at, but even touching them can be harmful. A full on sting from one of these Jellyfish can be fatal for humans and is extremely painful. In fact, they are also called one of the most venomous animals on the planet and people should be extremely careful when dealing with them.


#8 Puffer Fish


While these guys have some pretty nasty spikes on their bodies, those spikes aren’t actually the reason these are so dangerous. These fish are actually extremely toxic. Interestingly, the puffer fish is actually a delicacy in Japan. But if they aren’t cooked perfectly, they can obviously lead to some massive problems for people who eat them.


#7 Hyena


While these animals are not too dangerous to humans or other animals during the day, that all changes at night. These animals are nocturnal and despite having a reputation of being cowards, they actually kill most of the food they eat. Hyenas have a history of being aggressive with humans as well.


#6 Tse Tse Fly


It is not the bite or the sting of these animals that is dangerous, it is actually their ability to transmit diseases. These are very prevalent in Africa and flourish in unhealthy and impoverished areas and kill a ton of people every year. The next entry features another rather small animal, but one that packs quite the punch.


#5 Spiders


There are just so many spiders out there (especially ones that can be dangerous and deadly), that it made more sense to lump them all together. Certain spiders, such as the black widow and the brown recluse are so venomous that they can easily kill and render a human lifeless very quickly.


#4 Blue Ringed Octopus


While the blue-ringed octopus is beautiful to look at, don’t take that to mean they’re harmless. In fact, these animals are one of the most venomous marine animals ever. Despite them being docile, they also can be very harmful to humans if handled and provoked. This is because their venom can easily kill us.


#3 Snakes


Similar to our entry with spiders, there are simply too many venomous snakes out there for them to each warrant their own entry. Snakes can range in size, color and in terms of how venomous they are but one thing is certain, don’t mess with any snakes you come across in the wild.


#2 Hippopotamus


This may be a bit surprising, but the Hippo is actually among the most deadly and dangerous animals on the planet. They are huge, fast and highly aggressive and can be very unpredictable, especially towards humans. You may be shocked at what animal comes in at the next and final spot.


#1 Mosquito


That’s right, the most dangerous and deadly animal on the planet is the mosquito. We have all been bitten by them at one time or another, but for many, these bites can prove deadly. Mosquitoes also hold and transfer a wide variety of diseases and are responsible for killing millions of people each and every year.