These Dogs Were Rescued And Their Transformations Are Breathtaking


These innocent dogs were in terrible shape when they were found.  It’s simply amazing how people have come together to help get these poor pups back into good shape.

These before and after photos will shock you, especially #5, our favorite…

#19 From Drab To Fab


Walter was taken in by employees at a local shelter and they immediately realized he needed help. Not only was he filthy, his stomach was also covered in dozens of painful mats.  After he was given a shower and shaved, his persona immediately changed. “By the time we were finished, Walter had a smile on his face, a twinkle in his eyes and as soon as we put him on the ground he almost looked as if he was skipping with happiness,” a member of the shelter told Dirty Dog.

#18 Get Rid Of The Mats And Magic Happens


This dog, which workers named Angie, was so tolerant during the grooming process that employees at the shelter were convinced she realized how badly a shave and bath was needed. “She was so tolerant of being groomed and was so appreciative of the compassion and care she received,” a rescue worker said. Look at her amazing before and after transformation.

#17 A Wooly Mess To A Beautiful Pup


Nanni was rescued alongside four other dogs. The shepherd/golden retriever was living with a hoarder and they were in bad shape. Employees spent four hours removing feces, dirt and mats from her body. The suffering pup was a “perfect angel” throughout the entire ordeal according to one rescue worker. She was quickly adopted by a loving family.

#16 A Poor Little Pup Is Transformed


Riley was adopted last summer and you can clearly see in her before and after photographs that she was in desperate need of some TLC. Most of this little puppy’s fur had fallen out and she was underweight. After some much needed help, she regained her strength, grew back her lost fur and became a happy bundle of joy.

#15 A Bullet And A Rescue


Wesson was a stray who was rescued from Stray Rescue of St. Louis. This poor dog was found bleeding and shaking in fear inside an animal control cage. Workers quickly discovered that the poor dog had been shot in the back and still had bullet fragments inside his body. Immediate surgery was performed and his recovery was astonishing. Today he is a happy and healthy dog, living in his forever home.

#14 Look At What Some TLC Can Accomplish


Whiskey is a 5-year-old Terrier mix who was scheduled to be put down because of a “low positive heartworm test” and for being what their owner called “extremely aggressive.” The women at the clinic where he was taken labeled him as “destructive” because he would go to the bathroom inside his own kennel. A worker at the clinic learned that Whiskey would soon be euthanized and quickly jumped into action and rescued what they call “the best dog I’ve ever owned!”

#13 A Stylish Pup


When Pacino was brought into an animal hospital he was scheduled to be euthanized for his “aggressive” behavior. He was used as a “bait dog” in Camden, but his aggression didn’t shine through. Doctors performed “extensive” surgery on the badly beaten dog and he soon moved into his forever home. His owner says he is the “sweetest couch potato” ever.

#12 From Skinny To Healthy After A Five Day Search


Rescue workers found Hope in a local wildlife preserve. It took helpers 5 days of searching to find her and at the time she was extremely emaciated and had a broken hip. Caregivers nursed her back to health and it didn’t take long for this sweet and loving dog to find a forever home.

#11 It’s Amazing What Can Happen


Max was rescued by a vet and quickly found a forever home. This poor dog was severely neglected and required months of rehabilitation to get back to health. Once he gained back some weight and was treated for various health issues, his fur grew back and he transformed into a beautiful and happy adult dog.

#10 The Proof Is In The Fur


It doesn’t take long to transform a dog from sickly, to beautiful and happy. This dog was close to death after a lack of food for many months. Once rescued workers put him on a highly controlled diet, that restored the dog’s strength. This pup was so sick that even his hair changed color after a short period of time.

#9 An Adorable Rescue


Herschel was a scared dog when he were first rescued. A little bit of tender loving care and a proper diet had him glowing only a short time after he found a forever home. Also look at those adorable lopsided ears! This dog was lucky to find people who could nurse him back to health and find him an amazing new home.

#8 Unrecognizable After Her Transformation


Rasta was found on the streets of Montreal and as you can see, she was in really bad shape. Her entire body was covered in mats, she was filthy and she could barely move because of her fur. After being washed and shaved she was in much better shape. She cleaned up nicely and quickly found a forever home. Her new owners say she is a bundle of joy they couldn’t imagine living without.

#7 Is This Even The Same Dog?


Miley was living on a giant pile of trash and she was severely injured and barely able to walk when discovered by a good samaritan. She was given immediate medical intervention and cleaned up by some very kind helpers. This beautiful dog took no time at all to find her forever home.

#6 Bleeding And Scared

Kenzi was taken to Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Austin & San Antonio and was listed as an abuse/neglect case. Her transformation involved some medication and a general shampoo. It’s amazing how much her appearance changed and how happy she looked after her rescue. A little bit of love for abandoned and abused dogs goes a long way!

#5 A Complete Mess And Now A Beautiful Creature


Ellen was taken in by Trio Animal Foundation after she was moved from an open access shelter. Her hair was badly clumped and her demeanor was less than stellar. 2 pounds of old fur was shaved away and now the 2-year-old dog is living the good life in her forever home.

#4 Mats All Over Her Body

This little poodle was discovered in a trash can in Los Angeles. Her rescuer reached out to Hope For Paws, which helped the little dog turn around for the better. She went from dull and sad to fluffy and charming after nearly 10 pounds of fur was removed from the 15-pound pup.

#3 An Abandoned Puppy Gets A Second Lease On Life


Theo was abandoned when his owners moved away and threw him into the streets. He was roaming around for nearly a year before Hope For Paws showed up on the scene and rescued him from a sad and desperate life. He went from drab and sad to fabulous in just a few short weeks.

#2 Who Wouldn’t Want To Adopt This Adorable Dog?


Little Betty was left to die by her former owners and her appearance left her ashamed and fearful of humans. However, she was picked up by a local shelter and soon transformed into a loving and beautiful dog. It only took a bath, a shave and some TLC to make this dog a must have for her new family.

#1 Please Remember To Spay And Neuter Your Humans


Woody was thrown onto the streets when her owner passed away. At first, she spent months hiding from any humans who approached her general area. She went blind in one eye and eventually her pain led her to surrender to rescuers. She was quickly treated, cleaned up and found a forever home!