These Wedding Fails Will Never Be Forgotten By The Bride And Groom

Weddings. That magical day when a loving couple “tie the knot” and proclaim their everlasting love in front of the people they care about the most. Millions of people spend the early part of their lives looking forward to the day they settle down with a special someone. Unfortunately, not every wedding day goes as planned, in fact, some wedding moments are horrible disasters.

Here are a bunch of wedding fails that will have you in stitches while also making you feel sorry for the bride and groom at the same time. You have to see #15!


Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay


If you are going to take group photographs on a dock, be sure you know the maximum allowed weight for the structure. Fortunately, within 30 minutes of this splashdown, the wedding party was ready to continue with a day we’re sure the bride and groom will never soon forget.


Stepping All Over Her Special Day

A wedding dress can cost thousands of dollars and this guy managed to step on one as the bride walked down the aisle. We’re not sure who has the best reaction to this horrible wedding fail but it’s definitely not a fun moment for anyone involved at this wedding.

A Partied Out Groom

Girls just wanna have fun — even if their groom falls asleep after a wedding and then a night of heavy drinking. The best part? This bride continues to party the night away even as her new husband sleeps on her arm. This guy wins the internet in the funniest way possible.


The Wedding Cake Disaster

This is one of the biggest viral wedding cake disasters of all time. Maybe people love this photo because the bride and groom are making the best faces ever. We have a feeling it’s because they tried to take a piece of the cake from the bottom, an obvious rookie mistake when it comes to choosing the first piece of wedding cake.


Yellow Dresses Are All The Rage

White wedding dresses are overrated. This dog wants to make yellow the new choice for brides all over the world. We should probably be concerned for this bride considering she doesn’t seem to be overly concerned with the fact that a dog is peeing on her clothes on her special day.

Boys Will Be Boys

So you want to take a really nice picture with your bridal party? Too bad! Boys will be boys and this photobomb proves that point. I have a feeling based on her facial expression that this bride knew exactly what was happening behind her while this photo was being taken.

Kids Are Adorable Bundles Of Cuteness And Germs

When it comes to delivering some of the best moments at weddings we can’t get enough of the antics offered by children. This little boy had no problem picking his nose while completely freaking out while the little girl next to him kissed him on the cheek. It’s a crude, yet adorable photo all rolled into one.


The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time

The wedding rehearsal helps ensure that the actual wedding goes off without a hitch. Unfortunately, not everyone who attends the wedding understands what’s going on from point A to point B. This guy realized he was in the wrong place at the wrong time but could do very little to avoid the situation.

Training Day…

This couple chose the wrong beach to get married on or at least the worst time to get married. Just as they said their “I do”, a group of military officers stormed the beach for a training day exercise. This occurrence stole a picturesque scene from the couple but it also provided them with a memorable moment they can share for a lifetime to come.


Who Needs A Pick Me Up

This bride and groom were able to see what was coming but avoiding the big splash was pretty much impossible. This is one of our favorite wedding fail photos because it captures the absurdity of a situation perfectly. Unfortunately we don’t have the “after” photo to see the full effect of this massive and strange spill.


A Girl And Her Dog…

In all fairness to this child — If you are going to send a little girl down the wedding aisle with a dog, there is a very good chance something is going to go horribly wrong. This little girl at least tries to rectify the situation, even if it’s to no avail.


An uninvited Guest

If you are going to have an outdoor wedding you need to protect your food from the elements. Sometimes those “elements” include a very hungry squirrel who wants nothing more than to enjoy an amazing piece of wedding cake. The cake does look delicious and this little guy seems to agree.


An Unfortunate Photobomb

This is a very unfortunate wedding photobomb. The couple behind this bride and groom either positioned themselves on purpose or they accidentally chose the most suggestive position ever. Whatever the case may be, we love this memory that will definitely last a lifetime. It’s these moments that create the best shareable moments from a couple’s special day.


Street T-Shirt Art Or Wedding Apparel


We don’t like to take digs at a person’s life choices if they don’t bother other people. However, this couple had what appears to be a t-shirt artist at the local mall, paint graffiti on their wedding clothes. It’s probably one of the least fashion forward options we have ever seen at a wedding and it looks really cheap.


A Redneck Biker Wedding

Dear couple in this photograph, please do not procreate. To each their own but this couple doesn’t look like they put any effort into planning their very special day. I bet this “old lady” drives off with her biker husband to the clubhouse to down Jack Daniels with the boys.