This Former Homeless Heroin Addict Is Now Worth Millions




If someone says “multi-millionaire,” you probably get a very distinct picture in your head. Maybe you picture a sharp suit, an expensive watch, an entourage and a private jet. You probably don’t see a homeless middle-aged heroin addict plagued by skin ulcers squatting at death’s doorstep.

But that’s the story of 46-year-old Khalil Rafati, a guy who figured out how to become a multi-millionaire despite being a homeless addict. Click through to see exactly how he did it.


A Brush With Death


This was Khalil Rafati 13 years ago. He was homeless, weighed about 100 pounds and was basically falling apart thanks to his addiction to heroin. He survived two close calls with death.  In 2001 he intentionally overdosed at a house party in Malibu. He survived, only to have a house he occupied raided by armed criminals shortly thereafter.

That wasn’t quite enough to shake him out of his destructive lifestyle. Read on to see what ultimately made him change his life.


Rock Bottom


Rafati had done time, but one stint in Los Angeles County Jail changed his life. A fellow inmate gave him a tip on how to game the system in order to get out of jail. He recommended that Rafati pretend he wanted to commit suicide so that the authorities would put him in a mental health facility.

He was also going to fake his way through recovery. But when he arrived things changed dramatically.


On The Rebound


Recovery took root for Rafati, who slowly took real steps to getting clean. He managed his addiction by eating dark chocolate when he craved drugs and eventually achieved sobriety. In 2007, he opened his own sober living house in Malibu and started making superfood smoothies to help addicts with their recovery.

Then he started making a name for himself. Click through to see what Rafati looks like now!


Health And Wellness Guru


People started coming to him for his smoothies from all over. “So many outsiders came to Riviera Recovery just to enjoy one of my smoothies,” Rafati recalls. “It even became a bit embarrassing since many of these people were not part of the Riviera Recovery program.”

Since becoming something of a local health and wellness guru, Rafati saw an opportunity to leverage his work with addicts into a real business.




These days, Rafati definitely matches what most of us picture when we think of a multi-millionaire. He opened SunLife Organics, a health and wellness company that sells 32 kinds of health products including juices and smoothies packed with nutrients. His products are popular with Hollywood celebrities and have made him rich beyond his wildest dreams.

And to think, it all started with a homeless, sick heroin addict stuck in jail. It really never is too late to change!