What Everyone Needs To Know About Wearing Shoes In The House


Wearing shoes in the house is something most people do. However, it’s often frowned on in some cultures. Many Americans are completely shocked to learn just how much this is hated in other parts of the world. Despite what you may have heard or believed, there really are very good reasons for people to choose not to wear shoes in the house.

It Brings in Dirt


Yeah. Um you don’t want to soil that nice rug in your home, do you? You really will ruin it with layers of dirt.

Lots of Bacteria


When people think of bacteria, they think of something in a petri dish somewhere. Well it turns out your shoes are a sort of petri dish in miniature. This is a major reason why people shouldn’t hesitate to ask their guests to remove their shoes.

Urinary Tract Infections


You can bring in Klebsiella pneumoniae and get urinary tract infections. Why take the chance and be in pain?

Upper Respiratory Infections


You can also bring in Serratia ficaria and get upper respiratory infections. No one deserves to deal with such misery.

E. Coli


E. coli. Yuck. Symptoms of intestinal infection include diarrhea, abdominal pain, and fever. More severe cases can lead to bloody diarrhea, dehydration, or even kidney failure.

Poop on Your Shoes


E. coli is awful. Really, really awful. For most people, it’s nothing but sometimes it will really hurt you. Young children and old people are particularly at risk but even people in the prime of their life can get it.  So it’s probably not a good idea to let the dogs go in the backyard anymore.

In the Bathroom


The stuff will stick to your shoes after you go the bathroom. It can be all over a public bathroom. There’s also no reason for kids to play on a public bathroom floor, literally no reason.  Not with such risks involved.

Your Feet Need To Breathe


After a long day or work or running errands your feet deserve a break.  That doesn’t mean just laying off of them.  You should literally let them breathe.  With your feet being closed up, they don’t get the chance to air out and get rid of any odors. Bacteria causing foul foot odors thrive in these enclosed environments.

Bringing It Home


Office bathrooms are no exception.  You don’t want to bring that stuff from the office bathroom to your home.

Resistant to Antibiotics


You may think you’ll just ward off that illness with a bout of antibiotic. Not quite. In recent years, there have been many cases of this stuff coming in your house. The bacterias are savvy. They have evolved even if you haven’t. Many cases of such bacteria will not only infect you, they may resist efforts to kill them via antibiotics. You need to consider that and leave your shoes at the door.

Mowing Your Lawn


There are lots of other icky things that can get on your shoes and get inside. Just treat your front lawn? Well go outside and then go inside and you’ve brought all those chemicals into your own house. These chemicals can be potentially dangerous, especially if they build up over time.

Don’t Expose Your Newborn


You certainly don’t want to expose your newborn or your father with cancer to such chemicals. Keep your sneakers and your flip-flops at the door rather than on the floor.

Coal Tar


Another thing that people often don’t know is that driveways can be full of chemicals. While many people have driveways that consist of just gravel and dust so the only thing you bring inside is dirt, many other people have driveways full of coal tar.

Black Dirt


It’s okay outdoors, but bring it inside and you’ll have really awful layers of black dirt in your home. Why ruin your beautiful home or your new stunning carpet?